Established in 1986, Gerling is North America’s leading manufacturer of Television Production Vehicles and other units built specifically for Mobile Television applications and Mobile Command.

Gerling is an independent, family-owned and operated corporation located in Sunbury, Ohio USA.
The Gerling & Associates plan in Sunbury, Ohio houses over 140,000 square feet of production space, with four dedicated buildings on an 8 acre campus, for the custom design, manufacture, and integration of our vehicles.

With 110 dedicated associates utilizing the latest in tooling and materials, we do not utilize subcontractors. Our engineers and craftsmen complete all aspects of construction here.

In spite of our size, Gerling is the only major company in our industry that has never been bought or sold. We are still family-owned, and with that comes the dedication of people that truly have a passion for what they do.

We’re focused on pleasing our clientele, not distracted by having to please stockholders. This is instrumental in our success, and that of our Clients.

Because a conglomerate does not own us, we have the unique ability to make decisions here, and we truly are in touch with our customers.

Gerling's philosophy of customization and quality control requires that all phases of design, construction, and integration be performed "in-house"-with no subcontractors used for any purpose. Gerling is one of perhaps two or three companies worldwide that can legitimately make this claim. To accomplish this, Gerling & Associates utilizes state-of-the-art methods and materials in one of the most comprehensively tooled facilities in the industry.

At Gerling & Associates, our greatest asset is the quality people who make up the Gerling team. Among the most frequently asked questions at Gerling & Associates is how we are able to provide such high quality products at such reasonable costs and in such a timely fashion?

Invariably, the answer lies in the excellence of our personnel. At Gerling, the staff is not made up of employees who simply punch a time-clock. The Gerling Team is instead composed of a dedicated group of Associates-whose singular goal is not just to custom build your first vehicle, but to ensure that you return time and again to Gerling for your mobile needs

Location Gerling & Associates' 140,000 square foot facilities are located on a 10-acre campus, in Sunbury, Ohio, USA.Sunbury is 20 miles north of Columbus, Ohio, with Port Columbus International (CMH) being the closest airport. There are hotels available 3 miles from our facility.

Gerling & Associates, Inc.
138 Stelzer Court, Sunbury, OH 43074

(740) 965-2888